Saturday, February 23, 2008

Snowmobile Slalom Skiing in Steamboat

We are having a great winter here but that doesn’t stop me from thinking water-skiing or engaging in similar endeavors. Yesterday I took two snowmobiles 5 friends and I bought recently out to another friend’s Ranch in Steamboat yesterday to ride a little. My friend had the bright idea to pull out a vintage snow snake ski to Slalom with( it is basically an old 4 ft long ski crudely designed to be pulled. It was more than a little challenging since it uses a normal ski boot and the forward lean really throws off your position on the ski and the partial rear toe piece puts almost all of effort on your front leg since you can’t get the normal leverage and thus control from using both feet. I suspect it was designed for leather boots that didn’t have the forward lean modern ski boots do given it’s age. “Water-skiing in 3 dimensions” instead of just two added an additional challenge. It was a ton of fun, sparked some great falls and has me thinking about modifying an old water-ski for future excursions on a powder day, the snow in the valley has consolidated quite a bit in the week or so since it has snowed here vs. almost every day before then. A real water-ski handle would hurt either.

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Tony said...

Awesome! I have done that on two skis before, but never one. I can't even slolom on the water though :).