Monday, February 25, 2008

Someone turned the snow back on... 32 feet so far

We have had incredibly consistent snow this year with 8 out of 10 days fresh until about a week and a half ago many locals were hoping for a break from shoveling and a chance to see the sun. We had some nice sun and late winter / spring conditions that allowed people to catch up on snow removal and the snowpack in valley to consolidate easing things a bit on the wildlife. We are closing in on 400 inches this year and it's not even March yet so let's hope for a record year with 460 plus inches!

Here is a quote from today's Straight Talk Ski Report " And the award goes to... While Hollywood rolled out the red carpet for the 80th Annual Academy Awards last night, we've rolled out the white carpet for yet another powder day in Ski Town, USA® a creamy-dreamy 6-8" at 5 a.m. with more falling from the sky. As Hollywood reached their milestone of 80 years, we are nearing our milestone of 400" just having surpassed the 32 foot mark. Keep it coming!

For my first turns down Rudi's I stayed skier's right and still found untracked lines with my name on them. Thick and rich, more vanilla milkshake than champagne, I floated through easing into my Monday morning nice and slow. The mountain is capped with a snow cloud and the visibility is minimal, we're talking last scene in Casablanca here's not being able to look at you foggy. "

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