Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Wonders of Ski Trips

I thought I would share a recent article from the New York Times that speaks to the essence and value of skiing with family and I would add friends. I think that we would all have a bit different take on what trips have done for us in good times and possibly bad, what we love most about them but the overriding experience, the stories we will never forget and lasting power of ski trips to bring us together is s strong presence that will span decades in any skiers life.

The sheer beauty, challenge, strange abilities to sail down a mountain almost like flying, unpredictably and countless rewards that skiing brings us all is irresistible. For me and many I know skiing forms a steady current that links many of the best times of my life together and has also brought me many of the best things like countless friends, my wife and a shared love of the sport already strong in Alden and Neve that I can’t wait to grow over time.

Sorry I have been an infrequent blogger lately. It was a crazy fall with many opportunities, 2 moves and remodels, concurrent with the holidays and then being sick for 4.5 weeks without a voice twice. All that was superseded by countless good times with friends, family, skiing with the kids and many great powder days. All is now well with us and I trust the same is true for you.

Here is the NYT article on Family Ski Trips Back to the Steamboat Springs blog main page for more.

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Rocco in NY said...

Enjoyed your "E"--and the Times article on the joys of "The great family ski trip". I share your feelings about skiing and being with family and friends. Just today while skiing at Bristol Mtn. with a father and daughter the same feelings were expressed. The father is in his 60's and the daughter late 30's and of course I was the "old timer" but here we were enjoying a beautiful day skiing with a few other friends which we all met through skiing. I think skiers are a special group--and I'm glad our paths crossed through family ties.