Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Daddy, did you know that snow is Magic?

You have to love little kids and the things they come up with. My 4 yr old son Alden couldn't have had me figured out any better when he asked that question. I said I do know a "little" about that but please tell me more. He replied with "Daddy, snow can make your dreams come true!". I broke out in an even bigger smile and said something like "Alden you are a very smart little boy to know that. Snow has been making my dreams come true ever since I grew up in western Michigan near the lake where we were lucky to get big storms from the lake effect and especially since I moved to Colorado in 1986 and first skied Steamboat. I learned here just how magical it could be. The magic of snow and what it does to people is why we live in Steamboat." I had never said it nearly as well so credit goes to Alden for that.

The best part is that ever time I think about snow, every time the right wind blows and every time it does snow the magic is as least as strong as ever. I notice something different every time, I am invariably filled with wonder and can't help but remember all of the magic that snow has brought me and those closest to me before. It's working it's magic on me right now, how about you?

Three Champagne Powder cheers to the MAGIC of Snow and to being successful passing it on to those that mean the most to us.

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