Friday, March 21, 2008

Steamboat's Record Season!

4 inches of snow last night was all it took to put the 2007/2008 Season into the record books!! That makes for 450 inches so far vs. the record of 447.5 inches. It has been an incredible year and it makes me feel even luckier to live here. I hope that all of you got to be here for some good storms and share in the experience. From late November until about Mid February it snowed 8 out of 10 days with 4 inches or more 7 out of 10 days. When snow comes that consistently even 2-4 inches can make for a great powder day since it fills in the previous day not to mention Steamboat is notorious for under reporting snow fall. A report of 4 inches can easily be 8, 8 can easily be knee deep and a foot is at least thigh deep.

It was incredible year and while many are looking forward to summer I can't wait for the mystery and realization of what next season will bring. That said in the meantime I am happy to do some spring skiing followed by the mtn town ritual of desert mtn biking and water-skiing soon after the ice melts.

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