Thursday, September 11, 2008

Frontier Airlines comes to Steamboat Springs!

This announcement should be a big boost for Steamboat this winter for those whose live here full time or as much as they can. Another 200+ seats a day on a well run airline into Steamboat is a great thing. The best part is that they fly to most of Steamboat’s biggest markets where the majority of you live already (see below) so you and our loyal visitors that rent will have more options to come here.

Increased supply of seats should also help fares overall but will it make Steamboat more crowded? Christmas, President’s day and Spring break we are pretty much at capacity already and the mountain / URA has plans to improve lifts and other facilities over the next few years along with several new restaurants coming on line so that should be ok. On other weeks 700-1200 people shouldn’t feel much that much different at around 5-7% of available beds if you consider the mix of owners and rentals that will use these flights. We will see how it works out but it doesn’t appear to be too much and will provide a cushion if we lose other service due to current airline financial weakness.

I was curious where the fares would come in so I pulled a few Saturday to Saturday fares: from Houston over Christmas week is currently $655 and Spring break during the 3rd week of March is $455, the 3rd week of February is the same. Continental from Houston over Christmas starts at $718 per person and $408 over Spring break. Initial pricing is not a boon but more supply and airline diversity is very good and should moderate fares over time. It should also make the better fares available a bit longer since there are more seats to sell. If you want to check from where you live just click this link: or scroll down for the cities this brings us better access to.

Steamboat Springs (HDN) to and from:
Akron/Canton, Houston, Portland, Albuquerque, Indianapolis, Rapid City, Atlanta, Kansas City, Sacramento, Austin, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Billings, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Boise, Milwaukee, San Diego, Bozeman, Minneapolis/St. Paul, San Francisco, Chicago/Midway, Nashville, San Jose CA, Colorado Springs, New York/La Guardia, Seattle, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Oklahoma City, Spokane, Dayton, Omaha, Tampa, Detroit, Orange County, Tucson, Durango, Orlando, Washington D.C. Reagan, El Paso, Philadelphia, Wichita, & Phoenix

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