Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still avoiding a recession, Q2 numbers are revised up by 50%

Some more positive news. I don't know if it puts it to rest as they say but this is good news in my view. I am still watching a few issues but am encouraged by many factors. This is worth a read...

"Real Estate Outlook: Recession Fears Put to Rest

The latest national economic growth numbers should finally put to rest fears of a recession that could choke the real estate recovery now getting underway. Second quarter Gross Domestic Product (or GDP) came in at an upwardly-revised 3.3 percent -- far above the 1.9 percent the federal government had previously estimated.

Why should anyone interested in real estate care about GDP? Well, number one, when the economic growth rate accelerates, consumer confidence in the economy rises. That, in turn, pulls potential buyers off the sidelines and opens the door to higher housing sales, sure enough, the consumer confidence numbers for August, released last week by the Conference Board, are up by 5 points.

We're already seeing some impressive jumps in home sales in places that haven't seen positive news in two to three years -- central Florida and even some of the hardest-hit parts of California. According to a new report from the real estate tracking firm, DataQuick, sales in southern California jumped 16.7 percent in July over June, and were 14 percent above the pace of July the year before."

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