Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Abundant snow is forecast for the Northern Rockies this winter

Accuweather.com is predicting another great snow year for the coming winter, just not a big as last year. This is great news for us Powderhounds here in Steamboat. I have a policy of never complaining about snow since I wish so hard for a great ski season every year but I have to admit I need a few more weeks of the perfect fall weather we are having this year to be ready for the transition to winter. I has been gorgeous lately, sunny and 70's during the day showing off the fall colors with nights at or below freezing . Last night 2-3 inches of water in my boat cover froze solid. Is everyone ready for another great snow year?

Excerpts from Accuweather.com's winter 2008/2009 forecast: According to Bastardi, December could be the roughest month of a colder and snowier winter that could finish with another cold spell in late January and February. Temperatures in the West will be warmer than last winter, and could be warmer than normal. Ski resort operators in the northern Rockies and the Northwest will enjoy another season of abundant snow, although snow depths will not match last winter's record-setting snowpack.

The storms that have moved through the West over the past week have brought early snow to the high country. A new storm moving through the West this weekend will add more snow while pumping cold air as far south as Southern California. The storm will move into the Northwest on Thursday. At the same time, the jet stream will plunge to the south, bringing cold air into the Desert Southwest and Southern California.

While snow this weekend spreads from the Wasatch Range in Utah to southern Montana, strong winds wrapping around the bottom of the storm will blast across Southern California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Heavy snow is possible into the weekend in the higher terrain of the northern Rockies. For more click back to the Steamboat Springs blog main page.

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