Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Living in Steamboat Springs

  I wrote the following post over on my Steamboat Blog after talking to a couple of people looking to move to Steamboat over the past couple of weeks but thought some people here might enjoy it too.  What is it that draws you to Steamboat whether you just like to visit or want to move here too?

  I didn't mention it in the larger post but another reason that Steamboat is great is that we have so many great people that think of Steamboat as home even though they can only make it here a few weeks or so a year.  Their enthusiasm for Steamboat is infectious, are fun to run into on the mountain or trails, they take part in many of our local events and also donate generously to local causes.  They are basically an extended community that make life here even fuller by enabling many of the wonderful amenities like the ski area, entertainment options and all of the open space parks we enjoy here in Steamboat.

" Living in Steamboat Springs is a dream for many. It is my dream and may be for you if you are reading this blog. What do you mean my dream, don't you already live in Steamboat? Yes, we were fortunate to make our dream come true years ago but it still is our dream and I hope that we never forget that. Every day I walk out the door, look straight up at the mountain and consider myself lucky to be here, this happens in some form several times a day even when I am booked solid and working hard. The rewards of living here are likely better than you know, only more time here will begin to reveal the extent of these rewards and we still find great new stuff all of the time. To be clear Life in Steamboat is not heaven but it is pretty close, you just get to live here and still have to work to make it happen unless you are done working and then you really get to have fun.
Steamboat Springs is a unique combination of a small town in an incredible valley surrounded by mountains with gorgeous rivers and fields that was a real town before becoming a resort. This brings amenities far beyond what our size would warrant. That said the people here may be the best reason to be here. For the rest of the post please click on the following to go to Living in Steamboat Springs. "
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