Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Great Mountain Bike ride tonight out my backdoor

  One of the cool things about living in Steamboat is that there are tons of low key or informal trails that make for great riding.  I am embarrassed to say I haven't linked this one together before since it literally goes from my backyard (and many other people's backyards too) but am psyched that my friend Brian give me the missing link over the weekend.

  I knew all but one of these pieces before but hadn't linked all of them together yet.  It was about 50 minutes this first time and it felt like cheating, might be a little faster now that I know where the turns are. There is a lot of singletrack,  some wider stuff, the trails in the Sanctuary behind your house and a little road. Good descents, swoopy turns and enough climbing to get a workout.  I will be doing this a lot more often as I can get up early and get out quickly.

I went:
- Down the trail next to my house almost to the Hilltop connector then over a small creek and up to Rita Valentine park off of Anglers (all nice single track)
- Down Anglers Drive (road section) and across Fish Creek to Pine grove, after the first building on the left I got on the trail along Fish creek
- This 2-3 ft wide trail goes upstream to the top of Steamboat Bran Village then loops around to the hospital and Central Park road close to Steamboat Blvd
- Take Steamboat Blvd to the trail on the right before the groundskeeper's building across that entrance and across the new golf course entrance then up to the trail that goes along the south side of the Sanctuary then around Aspenwood along Fish Creek again but downstream now.
- Then go under Steamboat Blvd to the south of Whitewater along the creek then up to come out at Golfview
- Take the road to Cheyenne Ct then down to the end of Cheyenne.
- a small path goes through the grass between the two homes at the end from the right side of the start of the driveway on the left. My friend Phil usually mows this, brush aside a limb jog right some then left and you are on a short trail to Anglers. If Phil is on the deck and invites you up for Wine say yes, if Deb is cooking say heck yes (actually please don't bother them so they will still invite me).   Take Anglers to the right then follow it left once then look for the trail back to my house on the right as the road goes left the second time. Next time I think I will go back down the Rita Valentine park and back since that was the best section and it would add a little more workout which I sorely need :)
- have a nice glass of wine on my deck
There are a lot of ways to get on and off this trail and some parts could loop in additional sections. like by my house on Valverdant and in the Sanctuary.

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There is a lot of singletrack, some wider stuff, the trails in the Sanctuary behind your house and a little road. Good descents, swoopy turns and enough climbing to get a workout.