Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Snow still on the Rabbit Ears Trail

This winter was a relatively dry one as far as recorded snowfall, at least until April. After the ski mountain closed, it snowed almost every day for a couple of weeks. The added snowpack was a blessing in order to prevent drought this year, however it closed off access to some of the higher elevation hiking areas such as the Flattop Mountains, Mt. Zirkel Wilderness and Rabbit Ears hiking trails.

Abundant sun over the last few weeks helped finally welcome summer. Hiking up Rabbit Ears, glacier lilies were just beginning to bloom - in town, glacier lilies are long gone, now replaced with wild roses and columbine. The trail was clear until the last uphill stretch where a few stubborn patches remained. Crossing them was easy and only a few toes were cooled by snow sneaking in under my sandals.

The views from the top boasted a lush green valley below. Everything is alive and blooming, making summer one of my favorite times of year in Steamboat.

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