Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Tube the Yampa River Like a Local

     Tourists and locals alike flock to the Yampa in the summer to escape the scorching sun and get a little cool relief. The following tips will help you look like a local while tubing.

  1. Shuttle cars. Leave one car at the drop-in point and another at your take-out destination. This saves an embarrassing bus ride holding your tube over your half naked body. Don’t forget to take the car keys with you. Don’t laugh. It happens. Arriving at the take-out and realizing you now have a car with no keys is no fun.
  2. Tube early in the afternoon. Steamboat is famous for its afternoon storms that come rolling in with thunder and lightening. Once it clouds over, temperatures drop quickly. If it starts to rain, chances are you are going to be freezing by the time you get out. By tubing early in the afternoon, your odds are a lot better of avoiding afternoon showers.
  3. The take out. Locals like to enjoy a cool drink and a little food after a rough afternoon of floating down the river. Sunpie’s Bistro is one of the most popular take-out points as you can dry out your bathing suit while enjoying a cold beer or a New Orleans style sandwich.
  4. Don’t float too late in the season. After the river flow peaks usually in late June or early July, the river levels start to drop. In August the river levels are so low, tubers spend their time on the river bouncing off rocks, popping tubes and working on a lot of bruises.
  5. Pack out trash. Locals have no problem floating down the river with a cooler of beer, cold drinks or snacks. Enjoy your time on the river but just make sure to pack out all your trash!

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