Thursday, July 01, 2010

Pine Beetle Impact in Steamboat

Like many towns in Colorado, the pine beetle has come to Steamboat Springs. The pine beetle bores into trees, creating a fungus that kills the trees. Many parts of Steamboat have been affected, including Mt. Werner. Fortunately for Steamboat we have a much more diverse stock of pine species and also have extensive Aspen groves so the damage is more limited than in places like Breckenridge or Winter Park. Logging has begun on the mountain to clear out the beetle kill and remove potential fire hazards.

What this means for the mountain is a few more runs to ski. As pine is removed, expect to see an influx of aspen groves. During the summer, areas that had long lived in the shade of the pines will boast a plethora of native wildflowers.

Beetle-kill wood is characterized by a blue stain that infiltrates the wood. Generally the core of the tree has the brightest blue stain, while the outer layers fade. Many homes in Steamboat now feature blue-stain wood as accent pieces on stairways, cabinetry, tables, chairs and more. Some houses are constructed almost entirely with this wood which saves money and adds character to the areas where it is visible.

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