Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Steamboat Springs Botanic Park

For those who want a nature excursion within the City of Steamboat, The Botanic Park is a manicured area filled with flora, fauna, birds, butterflies and more. There’s an open grassy area to sit and soak up the sun while kids explore, as well as a pond with brass statues surrounding it, including an enormous frog. The Botanic Park is also home to concerts and artistic performances. Bring a guitar or a picnic lunch and listen to the breeze flow through the trees, and smell the fragrant surroundings. The Botanic Park is halfway between downtown and the mountain. Turn left at Freshies and Mountain View Carwash and go down to the last street on the left. Turn left here and follow it down to the large parking lot by the soccer fields. Park here and walk down the Botanic Walkway to enter the Steamboat Springs Botanic Park.

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