Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Winter Approaching Steamboat Springs

Once Labor Day is over, the question turns to ‘what kind of winter are we going to have?’ Predictions come based on weather patterns, on when the fall leaves turn, on the first snowfall and more. For example, this year is a La Nina year, which usually brings plenty of snow. Even in a off year, Steamboat gets enough champagne powder to keep the slopes covered for daily skiing - but in the epic years, you can regularly find yourself in powder up to your waist.

If Steamboat has heavy early snows, it usually means the weather will stay dry until late in the season, but if the snows hold off till December, then it will generally be a good year with heavy snowfall throughout the season. The one place many people forget to look for signs of winter is in nature. There’s a saying ‘nature provides.’ Last winter there were a plentiful amount of berries on the bushes and they were out early. This was an indication it was going to be a long, hard winter. Temperatures dropped below -20 degrees more often than in the last five years. While there wasn’t as much snow as usual, it was a cold winter and it lasted. This year, the berries are already out, but there don’t appear to be as many as last year, which could mean fairer weather.

For the last three years, snows have been coming progressively later in the year and lasting longer. 2009 saw heavy snows towards the end of March. This year, the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for warmer than average temperatures with higher than average snowfall for Steamboat Springs. They expect snows early in the season, then heavy snowfalls in December and January.

What the year holds, no one will know until it’s here, but if you’re thinking about a ski vacation, book your tickets now as it promises to be another great year in Steamboat Springs.

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