Friday, August 15, 2008

Steamboat Season Pass advice

I often advise my friends to think about how much they will be out here for the coming season. Most people assume it doesn’t make sense to have a season pass because they live in XYZ etc but nearly everyone would like to ski here more and are pretty goal oriented about making that happen.
  1. Take a minute to look a little deeper and do the math.
  2. The $979 pass price divided by $70 per day (assuming you get a good deal) equals 14 days of skiing to pay for it.
  3. In Steamboat kids under 12 get a free pass for every adult that buys one, this is a big deal.
  4. A large part of the value of having a season pass is the flexibility it provides. With Steamboat’s short lift lines you can have a great ski day in 2-3 hours and either “Work from Home” or trade off with your spouse and spend time with younger kids doing something else. It is getting to be a distant memory but I did a lot of working from home my last few years at HP and my rankings & results went higher the more I did. Hmmm, could getting a season pass be a great career move?? Be careful because you might end up moving here like me.
  5. Make it a goal to be here more this winter not just some time in the future. I know that you have achieved much bigger goals than this so I am confident you will succeed.
  6. Say you ski here a couple of weeks a year or a week and two long weekends you are well within reach.
  7. If you are flexible why not watch the snow reports and plan on doing an extra trip on frequent flier miles when the conditions are perfect.
  8. If you fly a lot for work tack on a few ski legs onto your itineraries over the winter.
  9. If you have been meaning to delegate more or bring on a manger so you can get away more what better reason to push you over the edge?
  10. A 20 day Super Value pass is $799 or $40 per day, 15 and 10 day versions are also available. 10-12 days is break-even , why not extend a stay or add a boys /girls trip to your winter plans?
  11. Don’t think so much, just do it and you will be amazed how you will figure out how to use the extra days to enjoy our favorite mountain.
  12. I have so many more ideas it is a little scary but I was once a remote local like you and spent more than a little brainpower figuring this all out. I am happy to advise you on the best strategy at any time.
Let me know when you are coming so we can get out and use those new passes or do something fun. For more click back to the Steamboat Springs blog main page.

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Holly said...

Jon, Your post made me laugh out loud. You put so much thought into
everything you do!